Reintroduction: Hi! I’m Lisa and I am a sugar addict.

I found this video on Facebook and it describes me to a T.  Watch this and see if you can relate.

I was doing so well eating today until that 2 o’clock slump hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t have any sweets in the house because I know if I have them I will eat them.  What did I choose to do?  I baked a cake from scratch then I ate a quarter of it.  My husband makes fun of me because he knows that I will bake to my heart’s content if I have a sweets craving.  It’s so frustrating because I always eat the cake/cookie/pie etc. then I feel terrible because I feel guilty and yucky.  I did something different this time though…  I got up, threw the remaining cake in the trash and got on the treadmill.  I watched an inspiring weight loss video on You tube and I walked a mile.

I guess I am just plain going to have to give up the sugar altogether.  It seems so extreme but I am addicted to it.  I can’t control myself around it.   I’m just going to have to give it up and I am starting now.  Will you follow me on this journey?  I will start by eating fruit when I have a sugar craving along with drinking tons of water and eating healthy meals and snacks.  Do you guys have any books or articles you recommend on quitting sugar?  I know this is going to be hard but as they say, nothing worth doing is easy.  I’ll be back!

Stay Inspired!




I had my gallbladder out!  That’s why I have been MIA.  I had a gallbladder attack that turned into pancreatitis and had to stay in the hospital for four days.  It was there that by the grace of God I met a surgeon that worked with me to finance and schedule surgery to have my gallbladder out.  I am about 85% recovered from surgery and back exercising after a month long hiatus.  I am so thankful, relieved and happy to have that pain long behind me now.  No more trips to the ER for this girl! I can now move on on from that experience and it feels good.  🙂  I have lost a good 10 lbs and am feeling wonderful.  Hope you all are doing well.



3 Pounds Away…

Hi all!

Just a little check in to let you know where I am at…  I weighed myself this morning and I’m 3 pounds away from my first goal of 200 lbs.  I’m pretty happy about this considering two years ago at this time I was 270!  It has been a slow learning process but I think I finally understand what works for my body.  My goal is somewhere around 150 lbs. but for me, what works best is setting little goals so that there is quicker gratification.  I like gratification! 🙂  Don’t we all?  🙂

     I have been trying to eat very low-fat and still drinking tons of water.  When I can, I walk, which is hard in a city so spread out like mine.  I hit the treadmill a few times a week as well for a little walk/jog for about 20-30 minutes as well.  I even bought some new gym clothes, which, I haven’t done in a long while, to put a pep in my step and to celebrate that I moved down from a size XL to a Large!!!! I haven’t been a Large in years!  Yay!!

gym clothes

                                       I finally got my new phone so I will be taking full body pics asap. We are all snowed in at the moment and with three people in our little house (including one toddler), it’s quite a mess!   I had a really bad gallbladder attack about a month ago and since then a few flare ups of pain now and then but nothing severe.  I’m still praying for a miracle and that those little stones will just disappear with all my efforts to get healthy.

    Hope you guys are doing well and I’ll be in touch with full body pics within the next week or so.  Thanks for hanging on!!  I really appreciate ya’ll taking the time to read my little old blog!!

‘Til  next time,


Hi! <3

Hi ya’ll!

Just wanted to check in and say that I have been good about drinking my water and eating a lot more clean lately.  It’s really been paying off too because I am down to 205 now!  I have been so busy with life that I haven’t incorporated any exercise yet other than an odd treadmill walk here or there.  I intend to start exercising regularly soon.  I am so close to my first goal of 200  and am so excited to start getting out of the 200’s!!

  My gall stone issue still flares up now and then when I have indulged and eaten a few fries off my sons plate or when I unknowingly, ate a seemingly healthy lean ground turkey burrito and then started to have an attack.  I read the label for the tortilla and it said it had shortening in it.  Every time I eat ANYTHING with shortening in it I have an attack, so I try to steer clear.   I realized the attack was getting bad and I was home alone with my son, so I took 2 tbsp. of apple-cider vinegar with a 1/4 cup of juice and in about 10 minutes I was feeling so much better.  I read that it helped on the internet and I think it really does!  At least it did for me that night.   I was praising Jesus all night!!!

I hope you all are doing well.  Have you ever tried an old remedy that worked well?  Let me know in the comments below!

P.S.  I took some full body “before” pics but then my iPhone broke before I could post it.  I will post new ones soon!   I have this cheap Nokia Lumia 520 now and it’s really making me miss my iPhone in a bad way.  It doesn’t have a front camera… but as a phone, it works!  See ya’ll soon!   🙂


No fat? :-(

Hi all!

  I weighed myself this morning and I am 210 lbs.  😦

Now, this is not the heaviest I have been.  I got up to 260 being pregnant and once I had my son I was immediately down to 235.  I gained a few pounds and found myself at 240 a few weeks later.  I then slowly but surely came down little by little with the help of Nutrisystem to 215.  When that got just a little to monotonous I quit, but kept losing weight due to smaller portion sizes and landed at 210 where I am now.  I am 5’8 but still 210 is unhealthy and just doesn’t look good on my frame.  I still have a baby pooch that I would love to flatten.

Now here I am at 210 with gallstones and not a lot of energy, but at least I now have a real want to change.

I am going to post full body pics as soon as I get rid of this cold that I have and actually get dressed in something other than pajamas.  I have really been wiped out since the ER visit and now this cold.

A few things I am doing to help myself prevent another gallbladder attack:

1.  Drinking a gallon of water/apple juice a day.  I’m mixing in a little apple juice in the water as I have read that the pectin in apples helps dissolve stones. Hey, I’m willing to try anything to never have that pain again!

2.  Eating an apple a day.  This goes along with #1…

3.  Smaller portions.  Gallstone attacks often follow heavy meals and stuffing yourself.

4.  Low-fat diet.  No more cheesy pizza, ice cream, creamy pasta and all those other staples in our diet.  That’s okay though because I am ready to change.  I am lucky that I really like fruits and veggies anyways and I am not really a picky eater at all.  Our SAD, (standard American diet) was mostly due to budget and definitely not my ideal diet.  I LOVE salads!!

5.  Get moving!  I am planning on starting a walking/jogging regimen.  I will let you know more about that when I do my first workout.

6.  I am also planning on trying some type of gallbladder supplement for stones.  Again, as I stated before, I am willing to try alot of remedies for this to avoid that pain again.

7.  Prayer.  I will be praying to God that he heal me and that I never have an attack again, as long as I do my part of the deal and take care of my body.  Never underestimate the power of prayer and belief that God can do ALL things!

That’s really it.  I’m still a little overwhelmed at the thought of changing my diet so drastically but it will be so worth it in the end.

Let me know if any of ya’ll have found a remedy that has helped with this issue.  I would love to hear what helped you or someone you know!


Those are my Jamie Eason Turkey Muffins above, my broccoli which is a favorite in this house (but now it’s not covered in cheese) and my apple juice.

Well, got to get going while the babe is sleeping and do some laundry and dishes, feed the chickens and so on!  You know a mother’s work is never done! 🙂

Take care and I’ll be back with an update very soon!




Hi all.

 I had a wake up call last night after dinner.  I was sitting on the couch after eating two pieces of pizza and a mini blizzard and boom!  It hit me.  I had the worst gallbladder attack of my life.   It was so bad I spent the night in the hospital.  My baby boy and husband slept on the floor of the ER, by my side.

  It’s time folks…  It’s time for me to make a change.  The doc says I have a gallbladder full of stones. 😦

    I really don’t want my gallbladder out which is what he said I need.  I want to turn this around and act like it never happened.  I want to leave the excruciating pain and the embarrassment of showing up to the ER with hair that needed washing and broken glasses that I’ve had since I was 15.  I just want to leave it all in the past.

  The doctor said:  No more fatty foods, ice cream, pizza, fried foods and so on.  He recommended lean meats, fruits and veggies.   Seems like a common sense diet that I should have started a long time ago but my lack of discipline has never allowed me to stay on course for very long.

Ugh!  They just opened a Ghirardelli store near me for goodness sakes!  Why is the world so cruel????


Ok, I’m done.  🙂

It’s either change my diet and manage my symptoms or get my gallbladder taken out.

I am choosing to change my diet and manage my symptoms for as long as I can handle them.

Today I had oatmeal with berries for breakfast and Jamie Eason’s turkey muffins for lunch.  Here’s a link to them.

I will probably eat one for dinner as well because there’s not much else to eat that is low-fat around the house currently.   I will say, that I am a bit intimidated at how much I am going to have to change my diet.  I feel kind of lost when it comes to finding recipes that taste good and are healthy.  Finding recipe’s that my family will love and that fit the low-fat criteria seems daunting as well.

I will be blogging about my weight loss experience as I have been instructed I need to get to a healthy weight and exercise regularly.  I just hate that it comes down to this… but I often need a swift kick in the rear to get going.  I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.  On the other hand the good news is that I am really healthy in all other parts of my body!  They did all kinds of tests and they were happy with my stats.  🙂 Well, all except for that gallbladder full of stones.  🙂

Here I go!  I will update ya’ll shortly because if I’m going to do this then I want to do it right.  Say some prayers for me!


Book In Review: “Place In Purpose”, by Kathryn C. Lang





Hey ya’ll!   Today is a special one because I received an opportunity from the CWA Review Crew to review another fantastic book called “Place In Purpose”, by Kathryn C. Lang.   This is a faith-based book for all you believers out there who might be searching for more meaning in life.  Perhaps you’re in need of some direction in doing/finding what God put you here on earth to do.  Maybe you have a deep heart’s desire but have always been told, “You can’t do that!”  This might just be the book for you.  🙂

I have read more than a few books on self-help and finding purpose in life, but the one thing that was always missing from those books was Christ and the bible.  Reading those books, I always looked at my life through the lens of self-fulfillment and not through the lens of finding my purpose/talents/heart’s desire with God’s direction.  Kathryn C. Lang has opened my eyes to see that it’s not just all about me,  but about my story inter-weaved with others in the form of service and even sacrifice.   I have never thought of my purpose in that way before.  I might just be admitting here that I have always selfishly thought of my life’s calling as something that affects me me and only me but I realize I am wrong.

I knew this book was wonderful from the first chapter because I couldn’t stop highlighting paragraph after paragraph.  Kathryn lists many ways that you can get closer to God so that with him, you can identify the “missing” part in your life.  You know, that “thing” that you think about doing but never get to, or maybe you don’t think about it because it’s buried so deep, pushed so far down that you don’t think it’s there anymore.    She includes stories of her relationship with her husband and kids and how she found blessings in the midst of her house being destroyed by tornadoes.  I found it all very down to earth, relatable and refreshing.


For those of you who feel like you’ve already found your purpose, you would most likely love this book as well!   The author has some wonderful tips on how to spend more time with God every day, great tips on bible study and opening yourself up to others, as we can all build walls.  I know for myself, as a stay-at-home Mom, I can literally be an island at times.  I have my routine and so does my child and changing things up is very difficult, but Kathryn fills the book with uplifting scriptures and notes on why you and I are so special in God’s eyes.


In closure, I just want to say that I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to read this book.  Kathryn’s words made me stop and think about all my old past dreams and passions.  It made me remember all the nay-sayers,  the non-believers and think to myself that God put there desires in my heart for a reason.  Those true desires NEVER go away, if they are from God.  She says that “A life lived in Purpose will be one filled with peace.”  If you don’t have that peace right now, check out this book.  It may be the puzzle piece that you’ve been missing.


God bless,




P.S. This book is only $3.99 on Amazon right now in Kindle form.  That’s a great deal!


The author’s website:

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