About Me


I am a free spirit.  I love art and music.  I love kind people and Jesus. I feel like an old soul.  At times my eyes are bigger than my brain and I can’t process all the info coming in through them.  I like to paint and dream.  I love to act.  I love to watch movies and chill with my hubby of 5 years and our 2 German Shep mix Pups.

I love makeup and was a makeup-artist for Clinique for 4 years.  I am really getting into fashion and decorating now too so I am sure I will blog about that lots.

 I have struggled with my weight most of my life but finally at 29, feel like I am getting a grip on it.  I am a meat eater!  I was a vegetarian for a few years but have realized that it’s just not for me, although this Southern girl LOVES some vegetables!!  I like to experiment in the kitchen, whipping up different healthy concoctions.  I am currently participating in the Paleo Diet, and feel fab when I eat high protein and low carb.

 I am in search of a fun workout that I can stay consistent at.  Where are you fun effective workout?! I like trying exercise DVD’s and will probably do some reviews of them on here.  I have never tried Crossfit, but really want to.   AND that’s what’s going on at this moment!


The CWA Review Crew- Christian Women Reviewing


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi!

    I was inquiring about the 3 arm candlebra that I saw on your blog. Is there any chance you would want to sell it?


    1. Hey Jeff! Thanks for the inquiry! I just bought the candlebra at an antique market and have to say that I love it too much to sell it. It fits really nicely into my decor and I am in fact looking for a second one myself. Hope you find one that you love out there! Lisa

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! I enjoy reading your blog and really appreciate you coming over to mine to comment. God bless you and your lovely family. Your story really touched my heart and made me realize that if you can get through losing your son then I can certainly get through a miscarriage and come out stronger in my faith and life. ♥ Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for your great video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnpKl8C8VoI exposing “Crystal Wash” (UNLESS, you have changed mind, please email me!!)

    Indeed, it looks like a pretty major scam:
    DT: ” We could be wrong here, but based on the general lack of supporting scientific evidence; vague sources listed on the Crystal Wash website and Kickstarter page; missing founders’ names and personal contact information; and overall scammy feeling we get from the entire operation, we’re going to advise that you steer clear of this project.”

    More against Crystal Wash
    View story at Medium.com

    Fill me in with any personal updates, if you have the time.

    Thank you again for great Video Expose you made when ALL OTHERS were drinking the kool-aid and into heavy promotion!


    1. Thanks. I stopped using them after about 6 tires. I charged them in the sun light. I tried everything. I feel like a fool, especially when my hubby warned me against it, but I was trying to save a dime, lol. Jokes on me! Live and learn I always say! 🙂

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