I’m Back… And I Own An Online Boutique!?

Hi everyone!  Yes, I am alive.  Haha!  Since I last posted, I gave birth to my second son, redecorated my house and opened a business.  I have been a little bit busy.  If you want to connect with me on Facebook, I would say I am more active there and on Instagram than anywhere else.   I’ll put the links down below.

Any who, so I have two boys now.  One is three and the newest addition is 5 months old.  They have been keeping me on my toes y’all!  It was quite a change to go from having a very self-sufficient 3-year-old to having two kids.  The hardest part was not that I had a new little guy demanding my attention but it was the adjustment that my older son had to go through.  My heart was tender from being away from him for 3 days while in the hospital.  Then we got home and I still couldn’t really spend the time with him that I wanted.  I wanted to hold him and love on him so badly but I was either breastfeeding the little guy or washing bottles (because I was pumping at times due to the excruciating pain of breastfeeding).  I had a c-section and the recovery wasn’t easy.  We also had my husband’s parents staying with us and they were a big help keeping my three-year old occupied but it added to my sadness of being away from him and my husband.  I felt very alone because I was in my bedroom so much.  I have a tiny house so I was b’feeding/pumping in my bedroom, trying not to expose myself in front of my in-laws for two weeks.  I was pumping and or feeding about every hour and a half or so.  I know… sob story right?!

Post-natal hormones are CRAZY y’all!!  I think I cried a few times a day, every day for the first two weeks of my new baby’s life.  I was a mess.  It seemed like my three-year old was just in reaction mode the whole time.  Once we got back to our normal routine things slowly got better.  Breastfeeding got easier.  I might write a whole blog post just on breastfeeding if anyone is interested.  It actually got easier, then harder, then easier, then I got mastitis, then it got easier and the pattern continued.  Just when I thought I had the hang of it, I didn’t.  And now… now he has two teeth.  Ouch!  It is,  very simply put, a journey of hills and valleys and mountains and plains.  This is of course, coming from a very pale, sensitive-skinned redhead.   I know some people’s skin is more tough and they just get how to do it from day one, but that is not my story.

What about the boutique?  Well, I had been praying for years for an opportunity to come along where I could help my family out financially while also staying home with my babies.  I wanted to glorify God in it all and be a positive influence.  God told me for the longest time that I was supposed to be a Mom and to be satisfied with that.  I waited for him to give me the go, even though we faced very hard financial times.  He finally gave me the green light and the idea to start a women’s clothing boutique.  It would give me a chance to help out financially, give me something to put my mind to and give me a platform to share my faith.

After months of preparation and planning, we are having our Grand Opening this week. We’ve got everything from tops and bottoms, to bags, jewelry and home decor.  It has been such a fun experience and an exercise in faith as well.  I can’t wait for you all to check it out!

Here’s the links to my Instagram, my store’s website Green Garden Boutique, and also our Facebook page.  I would be humbled and grateful for you all to have a gander at what we’ve got to offer.  We also have a store Instagram —> HERE

I hope you all have been doing well and I am sorry that I have been away for so long. I always come back though, right? 🙂



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