Baby on the way!

Hi all!   I’ve been locked out of this account for 8 long months and it was driving me mad.  I had problems with my password so I changed it and then quickly forgot it and then had problems with my Authenticator app but now all is well.  I even started another blog but only posted maybe twice.  I am so glad to be back to this familiar platform.


In other news, I have baby #2 on the way and we couldn’t be more excited!  Life is so busy with a toddler running around that this pregnancy seems like it’s going by really fast.  We will welcome baby #2 in late summer and believe me I will post pics when our little bundle arrives.  🙂


We also just adopted 6 new baby chicks, in addition to our 2 full grown chickens that reside in our backyard.


Don’t forget that you can follow me on Instagram at:     I post more often on there than anywhere.


I also have a Youtube channel:


I am hoping to make more videos in the future.


I hope everyone is doing well and that there are still some of you who have hung around during my long hiatus.  It feels good to be back behind the keyboard.


See you soon!







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