Reintroduction: Hi! I’m Lisa and I am a sugar addict.

I found this video on Facebook and it describes me to a T.  Watch this and see if you can relate.

I was doing so well eating today until that 2 o’clock slump hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t have any sweets in the house because I know if I have them I will eat them.  What did I choose to do?  I baked a cake from scratch then I ate a quarter of it.  My husband makes fun of me because he knows that I will bake to my heart’s content if I have a sweets craving.  It’s so frustrating because I always eat the cake/cookie/pie etc. then I feel terrible because I feel guilty and yucky.  I did something different this time though…  I got up, threw the remaining cake in the trash and got on the treadmill.  I watched an inspiring weight loss video on You tube and I walked a mile.

I guess I am just plain going to have to give up the sugar altogether.  It seems so extreme but I am addicted to it.  I can’t control myself around it.   I’m just going to have to give it up and I am starting now.  Will you follow me on this journey?  I will start by eating fruit when I have a sugar craving along with drinking tons of water and eating healthy meals and snacks.  Do you guys have any books or articles you recommend on quitting sugar?  I know this is going to be hard but as they say, nothing worth doing is easy.  I’ll be back!

Stay Inspired!



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