3 Pounds Away…

Hi all!

Just a little check in to let you know where I am at…  I weighed myself this morning and I’m 3 pounds away from my first goal of 200 lbs.  I’m pretty happy about this considering two years ago at this time I was 270!  It has been a slow learning process but I think I finally understand what works for my body.  My goal is somewhere around 150 lbs. but for me, what works best is setting little goals so that there is quicker gratification.  I like gratification! 🙂  Don’t we all?  🙂

     I have been trying to eat very low-fat and still drinking tons of water.  When I can, I walk, which is hard in a city so spread out like mine.  I hit the treadmill a few times a week as well for a little walk/jog for about 20-30 minutes as well.  I even bought some new gym clothes, which, I haven’t done in a long while, to put a pep in my step and to celebrate that I moved down from a size XL to a Large!!!! I haven’t been a Large in years!  Yay!!

gym clothes

                                       I finally got my new phone so I will be taking full body pics asap. We are all snowed in at the moment and with three people in our little house (including one toddler), it’s quite a mess!   I had a really bad gallbladder attack about a month ago and since then a few flare ups of pain now and then but nothing severe.  I’m still praying for a miracle and that those little stones will just disappear with all my efforts to get healthy.

    Hope you guys are doing well and I’ll be in touch with full body pics within the next week or so.  Thanks for hanging on!!  I really appreciate ya’ll taking the time to read my little old blog!!

‘Til  next time,



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