No fat? :-(

Hi all!

  I weighed myself this morning and I am 210 lbs.  😦

Now, this is not the heaviest I have been.  I got up to 260 being pregnant and once I had my son I was immediately down to 235.  I gained a few pounds and found myself at 240 a few weeks later.  I then slowly but surely came down little by little with the help of Nutrisystem to 215.  When that got just a little to monotonous I quit, but kept losing weight due to smaller portion sizes and landed at 210 where I am now.  I am 5’8 but still 210 is unhealthy and just doesn’t look good on my frame.  I still have a baby pooch that I would love to flatten.

Now here I am at 210 with gallstones and not a lot of energy, but at least I now have a real want to change.

I am going to post full body pics as soon as I get rid of this cold that I have and actually get dressed in something other than pajamas.  I have really been wiped out since the ER visit and now this cold.

A few things I am doing to help myself prevent another gallbladder attack:

1.  Drinking a gallon of water/apple juice a day.  I’m mixing in a little apple juice in the water as I have read that the pectin in apples helps dissolve stones. Hey, I’m willing to try anything to never have that pain again!

2.  Eating an apple a day.  This goes along with #1…

3.  Smaller portions.  Gallstone attacks often follow heavy meals and stuffing yourself.

4.  Low-fat diet.  No more cheesy pizza, ice cream, creamy pasta and all those other staples in our diet.  That’s okay though because I am ready to change.  I am lucky that I really like fruits and veggies anyways and I am not really a picky eater at all.  Our SAD, (standard American diet) was mostly due to budget and definitely not my ideal diet.  I LOVE salads!!

5.  Get moving!  I am planning on starting a walking/jogging regimen.  I will let you know more about that when I do my first workout.

6.  I am also planning on trying some type of gallbladder supplement for stones.  Again, as I stated before, I am willing to try alot of remedies for this to avoid that pain again.

7.  Prayer.  I will be praying to God that he heal me and that I never have an attack again, as long as I do my part of the deal and take care of my body.  Never underestimate the power of prayer and belief that God can do ALL things!

That’s really it.  I’m still a little overwhelmed at the thought of changing my diet so drastically but it will be so worth it in the end.

Let me know if any of ya’ll have found a remedy that has helped with this issue.  I would love to hear what helped you or someone you know!


Those are my Jamie Eason Turkey Muffins above, my broccoli which is a favorite in this house (but now it’s not covered in cheese) and my apple juice.

Well, got to get going while the babe is sleeping and do some laundry and dishes, feed the chickens and so on!  You know a mother’s work is never done! 🙂

Take care and I’ll be back with an update very soon!




7 thoughts on “No fat? :-(

  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for your honestly and transparency!! Lara and I @ Peace with Food will be cheering you on!! You can do this! Hope you’ll join us for the 30-Day Peace with Food Challenge beginning on January 1st! It has changed our lives. All the best Girl! 🙂 Robynn

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