Hi all.

 I had a wake up call last night after dinner.  I was sitting on the couch after eating two pieces of pizza and a mini blizzard and boom!  It hit me.  I had the worst gallbladder attack of my life.   It was so bad I spent the night in the hospital.  My baby boy and husband slept on the floor of the ER, by my side.

  It’s time folks…  It’s time for me to make a change.  The doc says I have a gallbladder full of stones. 😦

    I really don’t want my gallbladder out which is what he said I need.  I want to turn this around and act like it never happened.  I want to leave the excruciating pain and the embarrassment of showing up to the ER with hair that needed washing and broken glasses that I’ve had since I was 15.  I just want to leave it all in the past.

  The doctor said:  No more fatty foods, ice cream, pizza, fried foods and so on.  He recommended lean meats, fruits and veggies.   Seems like a common sense diet that I should have started a long time ago but my lack of discipline has never allowed me to stay on course for very long.

Ugh!  They just opened a Ghirardelli store near me for goodness sakes!  Why is the world so cruel????


Ok, I’m done.  🙂

It’s either change my diet and manage my symptoms or get my gallbladder taken out.

I am choosing to change my diet and manage my symptoms for as long as I can handle them.

Today I had oatmeal with berries for breakfast and Jamie Eason’s turkey muffins for lunch.  Here’s a link to them.


I will probably eat one for dinner as well because there’s not much else to eat that is low-fat around the house currently.   I will say, that I am a bit intimidated at how much I am going to have to change my diet.  I feel kind of lost when it comes to finding recipes that taste good and are healthy.  Finding recipe’s that my family will love and that fit the low-fat criteria seems daunting as well.

I will be blogging about my weight loss experience as I have been instructed I need to get to a healthy weight and exercise regularly.  I just hate that it comes down to this… but I often need a swift kick in the rear to get going.  I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.  On the other hand the good news is that I am really healthy in all other parts of my body!  They did all kinds of tests and they were happy with my stats.  🙂 Well, all except for that gallbladder full of stones.  🙂

Here I go!  I will update ya’ll shortly because if I’m going to do this then I want to do it right.  Say some prayers for me!



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