A Little Shakey

Dear readers!   I haven’t forgotten you!!   I have so busy the past few weeks organizing my house and getting rid of clutter.    I’ve thrust myself into it!  I don’t know about ya’ll but I am a stay at home Mom who hates living in clutter but because I lack the organizational skills some people have, I’ve lived in it for the past 3-4 years.   I am a Type A, perfectionist at heart and this has made me sad and almost in a depressed state for too long.


When you live in a world filled with too much stuff, it can seem smaller than it is.  Here is the reason why I think I we have so much clutter.


Moving around alot. 


We have moved 7 times in the past 9 years.  I was living with my parents when I got engaged to my husband.  We started off living with my husband’s Uncle for the first few months of our marriage.   We then, desiring a place of our own,  moved to a loft for a year.  We adopted a dog which we had to hide because the lofts didn’t allow them and decided that after the year was up we would move again.  We ended up moving to a rental house way out in the country.  We loved the space of renting a real house, lol, but hated how far it was from my family, our jobs and friends.  The house ended up getting foreclosed on and we were forced out after 6 months.  The saga continues…


In the first two years, we moved 3 times.  From our house in the country we moved in with my brother and sister in-law back in our hometown.  It felt amazing to be back home but at the same time, we lived so differently from my brother and sis that we were kind of miserable living there.  They were party people and we weren’t.  They loved having people over on any given day of the week and we liked holing ourselves up and spending precious quality time.   My husband was working 6 days a week and I full-time for my Dad.   I like people but I am an introvert at heart.  I love reading and writing and my introvert side only became stronger when we lived out in the country, hours away from everyone.  I think that’s when I really started to get depressed.  I also had to quit my makeup artist job at Clinique at that time and that was hard.  😦  I loved that job.


The last straw came when I was in the bathroom taking care of business and someone from the party (drunk guy) downstairs busted in and yelled, “Who’s this redhead on the toilet?!”  I was mortified.  That same night, my husband and I were laying in bed reading and someone opened our door, came in and asked us who we were.  The introvert needed out of this situation!!!  Fast!!!  We found an affordable apartment a few cities over and moved in as quick as we could.  We stayed at that apartment for 3 years.


At the end of our 3 year stay at said apartment, we were looking for something even cheaper because we knew we were ready to start trying for a family and that once we had a kid I would be staying home.  What do we do in that situation?  We moved into a super ghetto apartment on the shady side of town.  You know the kind where there had been at least one murder in the complex within the last 5 years and shooting weren’t all that out of the ordinary?  That kind!  It was $500 bucks a month!  We said it was just for a year to get some bills paid off and that if I got pregnant during our stay here, we would be moved out by the time the baby came.  We honestly got all of our bills paid off living there and had enough left over to put a big down payment on a car my hubby could rely on.


We got pregnant while we lived there too, but I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks.  It was hard to go through and I felt very unlucky God had a better plan us.  I was pregnant again when our lease came to a close in late August of 2012.   We found a cozy little ranch style house for rent in my old neck of the woods.  It’s 15 minutes away from my high school.   It’s 15 minutes away from my parents and younger brother.  It’s 10 minutes away from my brother, sister in-law and niece.  It’s 20 minutes away from my sister, brother in-law and two nephews and about 35-40 minutes away from my brother and sister in-law who live in the big city of Atlanta.   It’s a dream location with a great big backyard.


After so much moving around and no real place to call home, I am so grateful to be so close to everyone.  My dog has space to run a round.  We bought chickens in the last year and they have been a hoot!  My son has space to run and play.  This vagabond has settled down.  I haven’t even included in this story all the times I moved before I met my hubby (I moved cross-country to Los Angeles at the ripe old age of 20 by myself) .  🙂  Another time and place, maybe.


So that’s why  I think we have so much clutter.  I have so many boxes of stuff that with each move, we never even un-pack.  Why should we?  We are just going to move again in a year, I would always say.  Well, that and I really have a penchant for all things office supply.   It’s my happy place, if you will.  I have massive amounts of notebooks, pens, paper, highlighters and more.   Where do you put all that stuff in a small house with limited supply space?   Hehe.

I hope you all are doing great.  I will be honest with you that getting organized is much more interesting to me than exercise and logging calories so I have not exercised this week yet.  I did great last week and got outside and really hit the pavement.  I just really feel overwhelmed right now.  I am still chugging my water.  I am still watching what I eat.  My problem is… that I have approx. 2 hours to get all my house cleaning, blogging, exercising, book reading, chicken feeding, eBay selling in while my kid sleeps and that’s it.  It’s like the moment he goes to sleep, I hit the floor running.  I can’t seem to fit it all in.  Exercise is always last on the list.


Have a great day ya’ll!




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