Day One

Treadmill 2014



    So if you have been reading my blog for very long you know I had a baby last year. I was already overweight as it was but on top of that I gained 36 pounds! It took me about 6 months to get back down to my pre-baby weight. I didn’t really do much to lose it other than be very busy taking care of a newborn. I breastfed for one month and my milk just stopped, so I can’t even say that it was breastfeeding that made me lose it. I wasn’t trying, it just happened.

I am supposed to weigh 126-154 at 5’8 tall according to charts so that would leave me about 58 pounds overweight at the very least. You do the math! I am ready to get in shape! It’s fall now and it’s boot season and tights season and I want to look good! Here’s what I did today to start getting in shape, slowly but surely.

Treadmill 2014 2


I got on the treadmill for 15 minutes today and got up t a speed of 3.2. It’s slow but I am just starting people! I really want to run but I am going to focus on walking for now because I don’t want to my knees to start hurting like they do when I run sometimes. I did a total of .71 of a mile.

My first goal for myself is to do this 3 times a week for a month and if I can accomplish this, then I will up the days and or time. This is my first step.

I plan on starting to use MyFitnessPal next week to track my food but for now I am doing one thing a week so that I can make this sustainable.

Just wanted to fill ya’ll in on what’s up with some of my goals I have talked about in the past.

Much Love,



10 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Hey Lisa, I’m glad I found your blog!! Don’t believe everything the charts tell you! If you have a way to measure body fat percentage, that’s a much better gauge of where you should aim! I’m 5’2″ and my goal is 160. You might be surprised at how much muscle you carry! I’m an athlete (used to be a gymnast, tennis, soccer player) so I probably carry a TON more muscle than most, but it’s just a thought. I worry that the charts try to stick us all in a box. Congrats on the wee one! I’ll cheer you on from here!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the follow! I agree with you about the charts. I weighed about 145 at my skinniest as a teen. I remember my mom saying that I was at my perfect weight and that I had never looked better. I was on the swim team and swam for an hour a day. I ate whatever I wanted but, ofcourse, that was when I was a teen so I don’t know if that is feasible… I really just want to be healthy and not have lots of extra “flab”, if you will. I tend to be muscular as well and have always weighed more than people guess that I weigh. Thanks again for the follow and for your support in this journey! Lisa

      1. Lisa, good to know. Yes, you swimmers carry lots of lean muscle! I found a fat % I can live with (umm… ya from a chart too) but what else can you do? I definitely can’t ever be what I was back in the day, even pre-babies, but I do want to be the best “old” athlete I can be. I still play tons of tennis. Here’s a blog post I wrote a couple months back when I was struggling to figure out my goal weight. It sorts out the math of how to figure your goal weight based on body fat percentage. Hope this helps:

        Good luck! I’m here!

      2. Motherhood changes things for sure, doesn’t it? I used to have a flat stomach no matter what my weight was and now I have a pooch. 😦 I’m going to read your post right now. Thanks! 🙂

      3. I remember crying, really sobbing, a week or so before the second was due. I had no clue how I could possibly bring a baby into the world when there wasn’t a remote chance that there was room in my heart for another. How could I possibly love him as much as the first? I was again amazed at a mother’s heart’s capacity!

      4. I have one boy who is 17 months old. I would love more but can’t even think about getting pregnant until I get rid of this extra weight. My ob gave me such a hard time about my weight and made me cry at my first visit saying that I was a nightmare for a patient because of my rate of weight gain and elevated blood pressure. He advised me to go raw, while pregnant. I was a mess after that. Then I found out at my 4th or 5th ob visit that my blood pressure had never actually been elevated they just thought it was because they had using the wrong cuff on me. It was very hard on me to feel so judged at what I thought was going to be such a happy time. I will not go through that again! I have a dog too. 🙂

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