Merry Christmas!

He is the reason for the season!
He is the reason for the season!

I hope each and every one of you have yourself a merry little Christmas! Let you hearts be light! I am home today with a big list of to-do’s, but feel as if I am coming down with a cold. Runny nose: check, sore throat: check, drowsy and cloudy headed: check. I don’t want to be sick at this time of year but it seems like it happens when the weather gets cold and stress levels rise.
I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and actually feel great. Morning sickness is completely gone, thank the lord! I have been getting a clean bill of health at my most recent appointments and the baby is doing great. It’s all a waiting game now until he arrives. Yes, I said he! I can’t wait to meet him!!
I wish I could say I will be back in a jiffy blogging but I have to tell you the truth, life is so unorganized at the moment that it’s not a priority, maybe someday it will be more of one.
I will leave you with this pic of the real reason for the season and say that I hope your New Year’s is wonderful and warm.

Til next time!

Lisa ♥♥♥


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