EXPLORING: “Ramblings from the Shower” by Faye Bryant


I just finished this book “Rambling from the Shower” and I have to say I cracked up all the way through it!  Even while waiting in line at the DMV, I found myself laughing out loud!  I am sure people around me were wondering what I was reading.  This book written by author Faye Bryant is a compilation of conversations, ramblings and questions she had with God in the shower.

I know personally I like to have long conversations with him when I am taking a walk around the block.  Where do you talk to him?

Faye Bryant is a lady that is a lot like you and me.  She has had her fair share of hurts and heart-breaks in life.  She has learned many of life’s lessons. In this book, she talks frankly, about her battle with melanoma, a troubled marriage and a painful divorce among the many other stories shared.

Each chapter starts out with a question or comment she had to God.  The questions range from: Why was one person healed and not the other? Is it ok if I laugh at stories in the bible?  Why do people in the church put pastors, pastors wives, their children and other deacons up on pedestals when they know that they are going to fall eventually?  Why do we let others control our emotions? And so on…  Bryant then follows up the question with a story and bible verses that explain and back up the answer she got from God.  She includes a lot of wit and humor and humility along the way and boy does that make this a quick and easy read!

I found the chapter on her friend Rich, who died of cancer, to be so inspiring and made me wish I knew more people who took life by the horns and lived it fully even in the face of death.   I will pass this book on to family members and friends who are dealing with losing loved ones, as I think they will appreciate the chapter on grief where Bryant talks about the time it takes to heal and finally letting go.   I also have to say that it was refreshing to hear that even Jesus’ disciples had doubts and worries and troubles with their own humanness and sin, as she talks about in chapter six titled “Be Who You Be“.  I love it when books help to fill in gaps where I may or may not have caught on to something in the bible.  This was a good example.

Aside from the fact that you get some scripture in with each chapter, which is wonderful for memorization, you really get the feeling that Faye is there in the room talking to you.  She’s like a friend sitting there having coffee with you, telling you how to avoid the mistakes of her past and helping you get through it if you’ve already stepped in one of those “potholes”.  She is reassuring to the reader that as humans we are prone to make mistakes, but as Christians all those mistakes are forgiven and washed away through the blood of Christ.

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end and never grew tired of the funny stories as well as the sad ones too.  If you want an entertaining read that will make you laugh, then this book is for you.  I would recommend this book to everyone!

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