Have you ever had a conversation that went just a little too far and you found yourself regretting words you spoke or saying too much? Have you ever found yourself searching for answers to a biblical question that a non-believer has asked, expecting a response, and you come up with nothing? Eleanor Shepherd wrote a book for those occasions and it’s called “More Questions than Answers”.

Do you listen to people when they talk?  I thought I did.  I actually thought I was a great listener until I read this book and found out there is so much more to truly listening than I imagined.   Shepherd uses the bible and it’s verses to explain how we can all benefit from what I will call “active listening”.  She covers a variety of topics on how you can listen better so that you can witness to people but the benefits don’t stop there.  Among the plentiful advice she gives on starting and carrying a conversation she also talks about how tone, body language, empathy and most importantly how words or lack thereof can drive people away or bring them closer.  She talks about how to let God lead you to answers questions and to lead you to be silent when needed.

Eleanor has done a great job of teaching us the complicated, but not so complicated lesson that we should listen more than we speak.  She also talks of being authentic not just in conversation but also how you live.  It’s just as important to walk the walk as it is to talk the talk.

Are you a refuge to your friends or do they seek others when it comes to advice?  I realized in reading this book that there isn’t anything more flattering that someone asking your advice.  Are you the person they turn to?  Why not?  Everyone should know how to hold a conversation that doesn’t push people away by sounding harsh or judgmental.   I could see this helping in many aspects of life, from marriage to God to politics.  I also love the idea that Shepherd brings up that is: We are not the sum of our faults.  Amen to that!

Shepherd also covers the gray area where you might get run over by someone or taken advantage of  if you make yourself too available to listen and don’t set boundaries.  Priceless information.  I wish I had that info a year ago!

I truly believe that this book would be a great read for anyone any age.  I could see these lessons being put into use by a youth pastor.  I only wish I had known how to truly listen in school and with my friends at times in my life.  Perhaps I wouldn’t have pushed them away for their “faults” and tried to keep in mind their positive characteristics.  You live and learn though.

Check this book out!  It doesn’t have pictures and there are quite a few large words in it but the lessons you learn make up for it. J

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Watch this inspiring video about Eleanor and the book:



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