Can A Girl Catch A Break?

So my dog had surgery yesterday on her bum and she has been crying in pain and just plain uncomfortable. We didn’t sleep very well because we had to keep an eye on her last night. She woke every few hours and yelped in pain. I feel so bad for her :-(. To make matters worse she has this cone around her head and she would try to get up and knock into things in the middle of the night. Poor baby.

When I took the dogs out this morning I noticed that they were pressure washing our building and thought how nice it would be to have it fresh and clean. They are washing everything in prep to paint our whole apartment complex. A few hours later I hear them in my hallway. I am on my computer so I am pretty distracted and am pretty focused on what I am doing. I look over and see a stream of water coming in from under my door. OH my gosh!! I jumped up and grabbed towels. I sopped up as much water as I could then opened the door to tell the guy that he was flooding my apartment. His buddy is standing by my door telling him to take notice that all the water is streaming directly under my door.  I look up from my doorway and start to say The water is coming in… and he says ” I got you”.  I’m thinking… ok… as I hold up the dripping towels to show him.

They stopped for a little while but it was too late, the water poured in.  I no longer have any clean towels in my house. The carpet is soaked…  And then they started up again… more water!!!

Hubby forgot his phone so I can’t get in touch with him.  I spent eight minutes on the phone with his work trying to page him. No luck.  It’s times like these that I think that Jesus is watching and taking note of how we react in certain situations, because things in this house (including things I don’t mention in this blog) have not been well for the past few weeks and it’s all I can do to crack a smile these days.

I pray that God helps us not take the blessings that we have for granted.  I pray that we are not blinded by the things that happen to us and that we march on in faith knowing that better is coming.

Washer full of towels:

I’ve about had it with this apartment complex. If you remember, our fridge went out last week, it took them a week to replace it.  It cost us not-only all of the food in the fridge, but we had to eat out for a week due to not having refrigeration. Expensive!  They say they will pay us back for the food we lost but only if we can provide a receipt.  I usually throw them away but I found one for some meat that went bad, luckily.

Our AC went out yesterday, which they fixed last night.


Once again, I hope you are having a better day/week/life. 🙂



I will add that they just came in with the shopvac and sucked all the water off the ground. The maintenance guy (not the one that sprayed the water) was very apologetic and said if it wasn’t dry by tomorrow that he would come back and vacuum it again.  Problem fixed.  I just have a boat-load of towels to wash now.  I’m happy again. 🙂


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