Fridge Problems…

So my fridge went out sometime early last week and the way that we noticed was that everything just didn’t seem as cold at first.  We shuffled things around thinking it was too crowded, didn’t help.  We defrosted the freezer, didn’t help.  We called the office last Thursday and put in a request for maintenance to come look at the fridge.  We lost all of our food and we had just gone grocery shopping.  Ugh!  Beef, Sausage, milk, almond milk, creamer, butter, you name it we lost it.  They are here today, finally, after much prodding and calling from my husband.  Our fridge is broken!  We are getting a new one or more likely an old one that works from the complex. I am fine with that, as long as it’s not the one they drug out of the apartment under me, which had been abandoned for years due to flooding and mold.  Yuck!  I really, really, really hope that they don’t give me that one. 😦  I couln’t tell the difference if they cleaned it up, but I am weird about fridges anyways. Whenever we move to a new place, I’m always grossed out a little thinking what might have been in the fridge before me.  I have seen some nasty things come out of some old apartment fridges. 

Please bring me a new one, please bring me a new one…. I keep chanting it in my head.   We might be at this apartment for another year so I would love a new one Mr. Manager… 🙂 


Hope ya’lls day is going better than mine.  We are now cleaning up water that leaked from the fridge all over the kitchen. 

Til next time 🙂

Lisa ♥♥♥


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