Oolong For The Win!

This is going to be a short post, as I am still healing from my viral infection and not quite back to my norm just yet.  I’m getting there though ;-).

So since I have had this killer sore throat for 2 weeks now, I have been loving warm drinks and how they soothe the pain ever so slightly.  Last time hubby and I went out for Chinese food, I asked the lady what kind of tea they served because: #1. It’s my drink of choice when we go there and #2. It tastes heavenly!  She told me it was Oolong tea, sometimes known as Wu Long.

Jonathan and I went to the International Farmers Market near our home and I found a huge box of the tea for under $5.  I went home and made a delicious cup and have been sipping on one every day this week.  Since I have given up coffee, which was really hard, I have missed sipping on a hot brew while I check e-mails in the morning.  This was the perfect answer to that.  Unfortunatley it still has some caffeine in it but not as much as coffee.  Weird thing too is that the caffeine in tea has never made me jittery like coffee does.  Oolong has half the amount of caffeine as coffee does and I can simply add a few drops of stevia, as oposed to dumping lots of coffee creamer in my coffee, so I win on the calorie front too.  Yay!  Did I mention the antioxidants you get inside each cup?  🙂

Here is a chart of amount of caffeine in our beverages:

Beverage Milligrams of Caffeine
AVG per serving Per OZ.
Coffee 5 oz. cup 80 13.00
Cola (12 oz. can) 45 3.75
Black Tea 40 5.00
Wu-Long Tea 30 3.75
Green Tea 20 2.5
White Tea 15 2.00
Decaf Tea 2 .50
Herbal Tea 0 .00

So try a cup!  It’s so good with 5-8 drops of liquid Stevia.  Yum!  Just make sure that you don’t spend all day drinking it because you might have a little trouble sleeping.

Stevia is a plant based all natural sweetner.  I have been using it for a few years now.  The really cool thing is that they have tons of different flavors! I find mine at my local Kroger store in the health food isle near the sweetners. It’s a little pricier that sugar but worth it because it’s 10 times sweeter than sugar so you don’t have to use very much at one time.  I carry it in my purse too and add it to un-sweet tea.

Give it a try!

Till next time!



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