To Juice or Not to Juice… That’s the Question!

This is how I feel 😦

So here I am more than a week into my juicing and guess what?  I’m sick!  I was thinking with all these fruits and veggies in my system that the cold I had when I started would vanish and I would be feeling great by the week’s end.  No.  I feel horrible still.

So I had a sinus infection/cold that was bad enough but then I developed these spots on the back of my throat which are extremely painful.  My hubby got out his handy-dandy flashlight and we counted 5-6 white sores on the back of my throat.  This was a week and a half ago.  While my cold/sinus infection got better as time passed, (I was taking 500 mg of amoxicillin 3 X a day) the sores got worse.  Now I had these before I started juicing, but it seems like the more I juice the worse they get.  So I had to stop 2 days ago.

I lost a total of 3 pounds while juicing and I have to say that it made me feel great energy wise.  And it’s not the end of juicing for me… I will juice more when the sores heal.  I was juicing things with a high acidity level like strawberries, pineapple, and oranges.  I think maybe I over-did it

 When I start again, I will juice mostly apples, pears, celery, spinach, carrots and other less acidic fruits and veggies. 

Any who, so the pain was getting unbearable in my throat and the sores were getting worse, so I cracked and went to the doctor.  She took blood work and asked lots of health questions.  She ultimately told me that it was a virus caused by who-know’s-what (stress?) and to take some probiotic, rinse my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide, and then she gave me some sinus rinse for my frequent sinus infections.  She also recommended for me to go Gluten and Dairy free for the next 3-4 weeks and to take a supplement called Lysine for the sores as well as Advil or Tylenol for the pain.  And let me tell you this pain is up there with the worst sore throat I ever had in my life, my mono sore throat.  This honestly feels like a lesser version of mono.  I am ready for it to be done with!!!

The blood work came back normal except that my vitamin D levels are low, so I have to take more of it.  What a relief!

I will be back to juicing soon and I will post up again once these health woes go away.  Can’t a girl catch a break and be healthy for more than a week or so?  🙂  I am trying hard to fix my Immune System because it’s the root cause of why I get sick so often.  It’s not fighting off these germs like it should be.  Pray for me peeps.  It gets depressing being sick all the time, but I am hopeful that I am on the right track!

Till then!



2 thoughts on “To Juice or Not to Juice… That’s the Question!

  1. Good luck with continuing the juicing! It’s also great to hear that you dropped some weight already:)) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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