Master Cleanse Day Two

Hey all! Do you like the pic of my dog disguised as an old lady?  Thought you would.


I am sitting at my desk on this very rainy, grey day and I wish that I was outside exploring… but alas I am here pretty much stuck inside until the monsoon like weather subsides.

Is it raining where you are?

I’ll start with how yesterday went and then tell you how I am feeling today.

I drank my cleanse drink like a proper lady all through out the day skipping my usual breakfast and lunch and snacks.  Last time I did the cleanse I don’t remember being quite so hungry, but this time all I can think about is food.

Last time I did the cleanse I was a good 10-15 lbs lighter in weight as well, so maybe the hunger is just my new-found fat cells crying out FEED ME, FEED ME!

I am sooo hungry!!

Ok, I am getting a grip so I can finish telling you how it went.

Once the time hit about 6pm, the dull headache I had all day started to roar.  Now, I don’t think this cleanse caused the headache at all. 

The reason I don’t think it caused it is because I have had an ongoing headache for 3 days straight.  I’m guessing it’s the change in weather, as well as my sinus problems acting up.

With that said, I felt sick.  I wanted to take some aspirin and I couldn’t on an empty stomach so I called the hubby and asked him to pick up a salad on his way home.

I ate the chicken pecan salad and it was soooo good!  Then I took my aspirin.

Now I don’t recommend eating on this cleanse and some people might consider it ruined after eating a salad, but I look at it like I skipped two meals that day and ate a salad for dinner so either way I am going to lose weight.

Enough said.

My headache pain was lessened greatly by the aspirin and I could finally relax.

I am back on the cleanse now and feel much better today.

I DO recommend listening to your body and giving it what it needs.  Yesterday, I needed relief!

So yeah, back on schedule and roaring to go! 

Still feeling slightly sick, so word to the wise, don’t start a cleanse when you are sick!!!!

A cleanse in its self will make you feel slightly drowsy, sluggish, hungry maybe irritable, so do yourself a favor and wait until you get better, unlike me.

Hey my stomach is flatter!  Yay! 

I will check in tomorrow, the last day of the cleanse and let you know how today went.  Pray for me!


P.S. Here is a pic of my breakfast a few days ago.  It’s Paleo.  It was awesome and I am dreaming about eating it now!  Eggs, Bacon, Chicken Sausage, Tomato Slices and Avacado.   Did I tell you I’m hugry?

For Now I Will Dream About Eggs, Bacon and Chicken Sausage!

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