Day One: Master Cleanse

Sunset at Stone Mountain

Hello All!

Today is day one of my Master Cleanse.  Here’s the recipe if you want to join in.

Fresh Lemons or Limes (I bought 2 bags worth and think that the lemons taste better)

Cayenne Pepper

Filtered Water

Grade B Maple Syrup (Don not get Grade A, it is much more refined and is mostly sugar)

To make 10 Ounces:

2 tbsp. fresh lemon/lime juice

2 tbsp. grade b maple syrup

A small pinch of cayenne to taste

1/4 liter spring or filtered water

Mix it all together and it tastes surprisingly good!

Something really important to remember is to drink this every 15 minutes through out the day to keep your blood sugar level.  If you skimp you will notice you might get shaky or feel sick.  You can drink as much as you want through out the day. 

This is a 3 day cleanse, and you are not supposed to eat anything or drink anything besides the cleanse drink.  I have done this before and it was challenging but I felt great after I did it for 5 days. This cleanse clears your body of toxins and waste while supplying your body with water, energy (calories), minerals and vitamins that you need to sustain a healthy body.  Some people do this cleanse for 3 days, some 5, some , and some even go for 30 days!  Maybe I will do that someday!   Go with what YOU are comfortable with. It’s your body!

Please don’t do any strenuous activity while on the cleanse, this is a time to relax, take a nice walk, a hot bath with salts, or some easy yoga poses. 

As always consult your physician before starting this or any cleanse.  

Here are my stats:

Height: 5’8

Weight: 229

(Weighed myself last night and was blown away by how much weight I have gained in the past 6 months!  Stress!!!  Much too heavy for my liking.)

My goal is to weigh around 190 when we try for a baby again.  It’s going to be a few months.  I weighed 180 when I got married. Here’s a pic.

Wedding 2006
Wedding 2006 Weight 180

I thought I was a whale back in 2006, but I only wish to weigh that much now! Ha!

Good luck with your cleanses peeps and let me know if you are doing one as well!

I don’t have any recent full body shots but here is a funny one from this weekend. We climbed up Stone Mountain.

Jonnie and I on our trek up Stone Mountain

Here is the beautiful sunset we encountered on out way down.  The weather was perfect too!  I always use Stone Mountain as a tool to gauge how fit I am.  I was clearly huffing and puffing the whole way up! Not good!

Sunset at Stone Mountain

 With Love,

Lisa ♥♥♥


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