A Little Delay

So I was going to start working out this past Monday, but once again I let stress get in the way. We haven’t had a washer or dryer since we moved here in August so we finally saved up and bought one. It’s nothing special but it does the job and I love it!  We just got it working yesterday. Hooking it up was a NIGHTMARE!!!

We had to go back and forth from Home Depot 3 separate times just to get the correct parts. I got the washer I Sunday, but we didn’t get it hooked up til Tuesday. Another thing is that I haven’t had a car of my own since mid September. Hubby works all day and I work from home so it wasn’t the worst of situations but it certainly wasn’t fun either. There was a two-week period right after my miscarriage that I didn’t leave the house AT ALL, and not by choice mind you. I felt pretty helpless laying there in pain, all by myself, with no car.

Okay so the story gets a little brighter here because yesterday we took my car to the shop and they fixed it! They fixed it within a few hours and it was under $100 and we were soooo happy!!!

Now, I still don’t have a car. The hubby is using mine right now to go to work and I have his car here if I want to use it but… it has an expired tag.  So it’s an emergency vehicle only. His car has engine problems and won’t pass emissions there for they won’t renew his tag. He got a ticket a week ago.
Seriously, can we catch a break?
Anyways, things are getting better. Now we are saving to fix his engine problems so that he can use his car and I can use mine.
The past few days I have just been cleaning the house and trying to eat better.
Does anybody out there ever feel like you clean everyday and the house never looks cleaner? I guess it’s small apartment syndrome. It’s kinda crowded and we have a good bit of “stuff”.
We took 3 bags of clothes to Goodwill yesterday. This year just feels like a good year to get rid of the old junk that’s in the way and we never use. I am taking the rest of the week to purge our apartment of all of the old mail, junk, old beaten Tupperware, kitchen utensils we never use… well you get the point.

Ta Ta for now and sorry about the delay in the the workout posts.  I win the award for most flakey blogger ever!!!  Blame it on the scatter brain!

Love and laughs.



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