Happy New Year!! Time To Shape Up!!

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year!  I had a great one and was really grateful to be around family during such a hard time in Jonathan and I’s life.  Got lots of goodies and ate tons of great food.

Well the New Year is here and I wanna get fit!  I haven’t necessarily made any New Year’s Resolutions, I just want to get healthy so I can feel good and have a healthy baby.  With all the indulgences I have lately, I need need to re-asess my diet. I know what I eat makes a huge impact on how I feel.  Now, my husband on the other hand, never seems to have digestive problems no matter what!  It seems like every time I eat tomatoes I get heartburn, every time I eat dairy I get a stomach ache, every time I eat sugar I get a headache and the list goes on.

When I started this blog, I was on a pure Paleo diet.  If you are not familiar with the Paleo diet, it’s basically low carb, No sugar, high meat, and high good fats such as Avacado and coconut oils etc.  The basis of the diet is eaing the way that the Cavemen way back when would eat.  He didn’t have cookies and bread and crackers and a farm! he had hunting skills for meat and would pick berries, things growing on bushes and trees, and nuts.  So that is what I ate for pretty much 3-4 months straight.  I lost 20 pounds and more than anything I toned up alot. I never felt deprived either!  I was eating chicken sausage, eggs, almond butter, almonds, steak, chicken, veggies, and I a few sweet treats here and there made with stevia. It was honestly the easiest diwt I have EVER been on!!!!!  Oh did I mention that is the “anti-acne diet“?

So why did I stop you ask?  I GOT STRESSED!

We were looking for a house to buy and only had two months to find one, close on it and move in.  My husband also had very limited time to go look with me so making an appointment with a realtor was a nightmare.  We found a house, but it didn’t work out with the time crunch we had and ended up moving to another apartment.

Looking back I am so glad we moved to this apartment because we are paying much less than we were at our last place and it’s practically as big.  One thing that is kind of annoying is that there is no washer/dryer here.  There is a community laundry facility but last time I used it my clothes got legs and walked to someplace different than I put them.  When I finshed drying them, they smelled like someone wiped their nasty sweaty dog doo covered feet all over them.  Imagine that smell, but intensified by the heat of ther clothes fresh from the dryer.  UGGHH!!!

Anyways, we just purchased a washer but it hasn’t been delivered yet.  I can not wait!!!  I have doing laundry at my Mom and Dad’s house once a week and I just feel like I have been a burden.  I don’t have a working car right now so I always need a ride…

I have a feeling things are going to get better this year!  I am speaking it out into the world!  It’s time to shape up!  I just love a fresh start!

Are you ready for the New Year Shape Up?  I am starting it next Monday!!!  Be ready Freddy!! I will be posting workouts and healthy meal ideas, woot woot!  

Today I am starting my fulll house cleaning. 

1.  Starting with putting any and all laundry away that has been sitting where it should’t be for way too long. (IE: chairs, the dresser, the treadmill (yes I am guilty of that)) 

2. Doing a dishes overhaul.  I hate doing dishes.  I hate unloding the dishwasher even more.  The time has come.  It can wait no longer!

3. Then on to my bedroom.  It’s suppose to be this serene place but looks like a clothes tornado hit it.  

4.  Throw away boxes from Christmas. 

5.  Blast music really loud and dance like a goon.  I have already started this one. “-)

6.  Wash my makeup brushes.  It’s been waaay too long and is probably the cause for some of my skin problems.  I use the Clinique brush cleaner.

7.  Clean the fish tank.  Eew. Ick.  Have to do it for my lil fishy though, so he/she can breathe fresh clean water.  Breathe water?  That just feels weird to write. 

8.  Take a long hot bath.  Ahem, I mean shower.  I wish!  My bath is much too small for this 5’8 girl to lay in.  I have tried it and have to crunch myself up into a ball, and then I’m half way out of the water so what’s the point? 

9.  Relax and not stress.  This is the hardest one.  I am a stresser.  BIG TIME.  Pray for me!!!!

See you soon my friends!



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