God Has Better Plans

So you know that quote, the one that says God laughs while you make plans? Or something like that? Well, I say he probably does laugh a little, maybe even cries a little as he see’s you fight and pray tooth and nail for that one thing, person, place… because he knows that no matter what you say and how much you beg (pray) that his plans are far better.  And you my dear little grasshopper, must be patient and wait for what he wants in your life.  But its sooo hard isn’t it?

I have been there girlfriend, boyfriend, or just plain friend! I HAVE been there!

This is on my heart to talk about right now.   I feel the need to tell someone (but no one specific) out there, whose life isn’t working out the way they planned that God has great plans for you, he really does.  I can’t tell you how many prayers I sent up to the heavens for that one guy, or that one job, or that one stroke of luck that would send me on my way to happiness.  If I just had more money, more time, more daylight, more energy… you get the picture.

At certain times in my life I was über obsessed with this one guy, and no one else existed in my world but him.  I Never EVEN Dated HIM!!!  He never really gave me the time of day even after I told him (In High School) how I felt and to this day I don’t think he knows how much I thought of him for YEARS!  Never even kissed him.   In fact I found out later that lots of girls I knew had kissed him but not ME!  Why wouldn’t he give me the time?  I prayed and prayed and prayed.

A few years later I still “know” him as an acquaintance.  We have never really sat down to talk much about the time I told him how I felt.  A few years ago he said he still had the card I gave to him expressing my feelings.  Funny.

Anyways, the point is that for every guy that broke my heart, my hubby makes up for it ten fold.  I found a list I wrote when I was 11 or 12 stating exactly what I wanted in a husband, as I read it I was amazed that I got exactly what I asked for, prayed for, wished for all those years.   When I look back at the “other guys” I clearly see why God had other plans and I am THANKFUL ten-fold.

Through the years I have learned a little bit about intuition and dreams and God.  Life does throw you curveballs at times, but for the most part if you are meant to do something, be something, have something, know someone, it will happen without much resistance.  When things are right, they fall into place.  Keep praying.  Don’t stop.  But you might just get better than you bargained for.  🙂

I gotta go.  Husband is home and he’s not in a good mood.  Can I take back what I just said??  Ha!  J/K.  I never pretend like we have the “perfect” relationship, but we are “perfect” for each other.


Lisa ♥♥♥



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