Thoughts on the Baby’s Room and A Fur Baby


Wow this week went by fast! I stayed busy this week with appointments and cleaning the house and planning on where to put what when the baby arrives. We have a small apartment and it’s going to be a tight fit with our new addition. I figure that it’s never too early to start forming ideas on where the crib might go, the changing table and so on. I definitely have a less is more attitude when it comes to bringing more furniture in the house due to our lack of space. Here’s what I am thinking:

1. 4 in 1 Crib. This is a handy piece of furniture that starts out as a crib, then transitions into a toddler bed, a day bed then a regular bed with no rails.

2. A chest of drawers/changing table. It’s a nice looking chest of drawers for the babies clothes that has a small rail at the top and a pad to lay the baby on and change them. It’s a two in one!. Can you tell I love things that have more than one use? This will be a big space saver for us. Side note: One your baby is over the diaper changing phase this, remove the changing pad and this looks just like a nice chest of drawers. I am banking on being able to use it for years to come!

3. A glider/rocking chair. For rocking the baby to sleep.

I am pretty much figuring that these 3 things are all we will need in terms of furniture. I am a simple girl. I have tons more time to figure it all out, but everyone says it goes by pretty fast so I am probably going to get everything done early on and then just relax untill the baby is born.
Any of you Mothers out there have any recommendations on what I should add as a “Must-have item” on my list?

I will leave you with one more pic of the yougest of my fur babies.



Lisa ♥♥♥


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