The Gift Box
The Gift Box

       I am pregnant!!! 

     Yes it’s a huge blessing that we are going to have a baby in a little less than 9 months!   How’s that for some news?!   YES, it was planned and YES we are super excited!!  We kept it a secret that we were trying because of reading so many stories of it taking couples so long to conceive.  I will definitely blog about being pregnant and what I experience.  This will be our first child so everything is so new to my husband and I.   You hear so many stories from everyone and half of them are GREAT and half of them are TERRIFYING.

  I am choosing to look at this as a journey and I definitely won’t let anyone else’s story define my ideas of what pregnancy should be.

    We found out on Thanksgiving morning when the test said PREGNANT. We wrapped up the pregnancy test and after eating our huge Thanksgiving meal(s) we presented it to our Mother’s to unwrap. They were both completely surprised and elated! Lots of happy tears. PREGNANT. I never realized how beautiful that word could be untill now. 🙂
After seeing my sister go through her pregnancy and then meeting my new little nephew, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that club. The club where you have this little angel that you made in your belly staring up at you. I witnessed love at first sight. It changed how I perceive babies and pregnancy and child-birth and honestly took away a lot of the fear I had for it. Seeing the familiarity in a baby’s face that looks like your own is the coolest thing ever. I can’t wait!
Pregnancy blogs are coming… but don’t worry I will still blog about other things too.

 One can’t think about pregnancy 24/7 or can she?  Anyways, if you have ever been pregnant you might know that in your first trimester you are not really supposed to gain any weight at least that’s what my doctor said. Sad thing is that I feel like I may have already gained 5 pounds. It may be pregnancy bloat though. It’s just a little hard to zip the old zipper in my jeans.
Some people say to rest during this time, some say to stay active. I think I am going to do a little of both.
Symptoms if your interested:
1. Tired, not all the time but mostly around 2 in the afternoon. I have been taking power naps! I used to never be able to nap during the day, now I feel like a pro!
2. Sore chest. There I said it politely right? The girls definitely get bigger and very sore. Nuff said!
3. Bloat. I already feel like I should start wearing really flowey shirts because the tum tum is um, how do you say, poofy!
4. Emotional. I cry just watching mushy commercials about soap. Sad.

That’s about it.  No nausea, yet.  It may still come though and you know I will tell you when it does.

I have been craving orange juice, but I am kind of obsessed with it anyways so who’s to say that it’s caused by the pregnancy?
I also started taking pre-natal vitamins a few weeks before we started trying. I can’t usually stomach any kind of multi-vitamin. They usually make me throw up. So after lots of trial and error I found one that didn’t and it’s a chewable too. Yum!
Alrighty then, well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
By the way, I am 5 weeks along.   😀

Ta Ta (sore ones) for now! Lisa ♥♥♥


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