A Little Spice For Your Light … Switch

So I was brainstorming the other day of ways that I could dress up our little place on a very limited budget.  I like to look at pics on the web of dream houses and dream rooms in dream houses 🙂 and that’s how I get inspiration to decorate my own place. I was noticing that in many of the homes that I adore there are really intricate and elegant light switch covers. I know… it’s a small thing, but when I took a moment to look on Ebay I found some beautiful Ballard switch covers that fit the motif I have going in my place.  I am aiming for a very rustic European look in my home, one that is elegant and luxurious all while being comfy and the kind of place that you want to put your feet up in.  Sounds like the kind of place we all want, right?

Here are the light covers that I found.

I ordered them and think that they are so much more beautiful than the standard plain white plastic covers. They add a little bit of flair to the place without breaking the budget.

I still need to finish painting the walls but I have been either busy or sick lately so here are the pics. I still have a good way to go in terms of decorating, but it’s a nice start. 🙂

Sorry, not the best pics in the world but I am no pro at taking pics.  The lighting is the hardest part.  Anyways, you get the idea of how they look.  No longer plain Jane! I am happy with them and just ordered some more.   If you take the time to think it through, there are many ways that you can upgrade an apartment without permanently changing things.  I saved all the plastic covers and will put them in storage untill we move out, then I will take these new ones with us to wherever we go.   I have lots of little ideas like this but have to do them slowly because of budget limitations.  Hope this inspires you to maybe think outside the box a little in terms of what you can do to your “rented” or “borrowed place” to make it your own.  And if you are blessed enough to own your own home, then maybe this will inspire you to spice things up a little.  Till tomorrow!



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