“Awww yes indeed it’s fun time, fun time”

Because you can’t, you won’t, and you don’t stop.

Just wanted to let you folks know my impression of the SigSauer P229. I got to shoot one recently in .40 and I cannot believe how great it felt in my hand. It is quite accurate and I had no jams or misfires throughout my session. So to any of you girls out there who perhaps have longer fingers, find a Sig P229 and feel the grip. I love it, and I am conspiring to commandeer it from my hubby. Teeheehee.

I know that will seem pretty off topic from what I normally blog about but hey, whats life without a little change every once in a while?

Btw, hubby works in the firearms industry in case you are wondering about such a random post.  He collects guns and makes me shoot them, ha!  I finally found a gun I love!  There is no need to be afraid of guns for they do not kill people, people kill people.  No gun ever pulls it’s own trigger and shot someone just ’cause.  I absolutely believe in gun safety and education.  My husband is a former Marine and has worked in the firearms industry for over 5 years.  Before he ever let me touch a gun, he taught me the rules of gun safety.  I will have him guest post about the rules if anyone is interested.  You should also check out you state’s gun laws, as  they differ from state to state. 





2 thoughts on ““Awww yes indeed it’s fun time, fun time”

  1. Ha! Good luck prying it from his grip. He should share though. I think I should get a new one, and you know how much I love Glock and Sig Sauer! But I KNOW my fingers are too short for the P229.

    1. Honestly he wrote that post, lol! I had my blog dashboard up on the comp and he was like ” I wanna write something!”. I said ok! He wrote that but made it from my perspective since he knows how I feel about the Sigg. He’s too cute! I will have him guest post sometime!

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