Morning Rituals

Hello All!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and that this Monday finds you bright and perky!  If it’s not finding you bright and perky then you might try sipping on a hot cup of French Vanilla Coffee like I am 🙂  It always begs me out of bed and gets my morning going in a delightfully sweet way!  I can’t credit coffee to all my great mornings though.  I always wake up with a prayer for my family, friends, hubby and myself and I don’t feel ‘Ready for the day’ untill I have spent a moment thanking God for all I have and praying for the future as well. Then it’s up and at em’ to take the dogs out, breakfast and kissing the hubs goodbye for the day as he heads to work.  I usually make a cup of coffee after he leaves and then get to work on whatever I have to do that day.
What are your morning rituals?  Do you have one?  Do you have many?  I never drank coffee consistently until I got an espresso machine and since then I have been hooked!  I have since retired the espresso machine and now depend mostly on my Keurig coffee maker, which I love!! You just put the little pod in, press the button and there you go!  A warm cup of goodness right at your fingertips! Did I mention i used to work at Starbucks?  That was a fun job!  It definitely helped ease me into total ADDICT status.  Have you heard the news that coffee has been shown to cut the risk of depression in women?  Awesome!!

Well, I guess since the last two posts have been about coffee I need to find something else to talk about.  I could talk about all the crazy stuff going on in the world, and quite frankly I have been tempted to, but, for now I want to keep this blog light and fluffy! A guilty pleasure if you will.

Tomorrow I will blog about makeup.  I picked some up a week or so ago and want to share with you my new faves, along with some stuff I got when I went Antique-ing.  Yay! See you tomorrow!


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