My Favorite Things

This has to be quick because I am a busy girl today but I wanted to tell you about one of my beverage obsessions.  I guess it all started in middle school.  I had a teacher in middle school that would make a steaming pot of french vanilla coffee every day in the middle of class and I was utterly tortured by the delightful aroma that would circle the air.  I wanted some SO bad!  One day she finally let me try a sip and I was like “Wow, I want that every day!!”   It was so good!  My mother makes a grand cup as well and so I have carried on the tradition of those before me of having a cup or two every day.  I sometimes go to Starbucks, sometimes Dunkin Donuts, but mostly I make it at home with my Keurig.

I like mine with cream and sugar.  Lots of cream actually.  Some might say that I like a little coffee with my cup of cream!  My faves are French Vanilla, Irish cream and OH MY GOODNESS HAVE YOU TRIED THE NEW STARBUCKS SALTED CARAMEL MOCHA???? Ok…  I’m all excited now and I need to stop and go get a cup! By the way, I am unfortunately Lactose Intolerant, so I actually try to do Soy, Coconut or Almond Milk instead of actual cream.  Every once in a while though, I go with the real stuff because it can’t be beat and I enjoy every minute of it.  It’s the aftermath that kinda stinks, (haha pun intended) but I keep it few and far between!
Here’s to delicious coffee!


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