New Skincare

I am ashamed to admit it had been a year and five months since my last hair cut. I didn’t get it cut partially because I was growing it out but also because I was saving money to get a good one at my fave salon.  Anyways, I just couldn’t take looking like a rag-a-muffin any longer and my split ends were out of control, so I broke down and got a haircut. I didn’t end up going to my fave place because my stylist moved!   NO!!!  It’s heartbreaking really.  It took so long to find her and now she has moved to another state.   She was the best.
I ended up going to the Ulta near my house for a visit that was a little less pricey than my fave which was a plus, so I thought I would give it a try!  AND… I got my hair cut.   I do like it, not as much as my fave, but sigh, it will do. :-)~  I ALSO got a FREE skin mapping by the esthetician at the store and invested in some Dermalogica products.  I have had loads of breakouts lately and was desperate for some professional help.

The lady was really sweet, helpful and friendly.  She listened to me describe my skin and asked questions about what my main concerns were and what I wanted for my skin.  I want to get rid of zits and keep fine lines at bay.  She set me up with a starter kit for normal/oily skin and some tinted moisturizer with an spf of 15, which I needed so badly because I had run out of the one I had been using.  Gotta have that spf!  I am a redhead after all.

I used everything in the kit, with the exception of the scrub and the tinted moisturizer, last night before bed, and then again this morning.  So far, so good!  My face is super sensitive and I have had no immediate reactions so I am pleased about that.  I have no new zits this morning, no dryness, no oilyness, so I’m pleased about that as well.   I will let you know how it goes and maybe do a review sometime in the future when I have had a good long time to try the product and properly review it.

Dermalogica Normal/Oily Skin Kit

The kit contains:

Special Cleansing Gel

Multi Active Toner

Skin Prep Scrub

Active Moist Moisturizer

Total Eye Care Eye Cream

2 Sample Packets:


1  Skin Refining Masque

I also purchased the Sheer Tint Moisture in Light, and I LOVE it!!  I don’t wear liquid foundation because it burns my skin for some weird reason. I honestly have never found one that hasn’t burned my skin.  This one is light and feels great! It gives minimal coverage, covering some redness and evening out the skin tone while giving a little sun proection as well.  I will let you know how it continues to work.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase and I got $20 off too! Can’t beat a great deal!

Whats In The Package

If you want to schedule an appointment for your FREE Skin Mapping Consultation, you can go to and look up the store nearest you.  I had a great experience, maybe you will too!


2 thoughts on “New Skincare

    1. 🙂 I do love the Dermalogica! The lady started me out on the Grey line to start with. I have to say my absolute fave thing in there is the Skin Refining Mask! It’s changing my skin!!!! The cleanser, scrub and active moist are the bomb as well!

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