My NOT SO Secret Obsession

Little story… I loved the show GHOST WHISPERER when it was on. I watched it for the makeup and clothes almost strictly!!  I would tune in every week in anticipation to see what fantastically feminine ensemble “Melinda” would be wearing in each episode. Here a just a few examples in the pics in this post.

  Her character was and still is, in my mind, the epitome of femininity and beauty.  I aspire to one day dress much like her, that is… when I have a body like hers… Which I am working on!!!


She always has great hair to match that great outfit and along with both of those always came PERFECT makeup!!

♥♥♥love the makeup♥♥♥

Thanks J Love for the 5 great seasons of GHOST WHISPERER.  Although it was canceled earlier this year, I still have my trusty DVD collection to turn to when I am having pangs for a GW fix.  I have to admit I miss the rest if the cast as well, mainly David Conrad, who played the über cute and OH SO SENSITIVE hubby in GW.  Here is my Homage to him.

Jim (aka David Conrad)

I leave you with a few more pics…  *wipes tear *sniffle  *sniffle

Jim and Mel
The Main Cast (from the early-mid seasons)

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