So in my first post I told everyone that we just moved to a new place, and that I was planning on giving a try at decorating! 

Well, here is my first project: The Dining Room.   I am doing this slowly but surely as the budget allows.  I already had buckets of paint from the time I painted our old apartment, so I didn’t have to buy anything to paint the walls! 

We still have boxes everywhere, as we have not been in our new place very long at all.   As you will see in the pics, we are still very cluttered and unorganized at this point.  I had to pick something small to do to spruce up the room so I chose to paint. 

We are getting a storage closet soon so some of the items you see in this room that don’t belong will be moving down there shortly once we get the key! Woo hoo!

This is the before pic down below.

As you can see it’s very cluttered and looks unruly!  My next post will be the updated one on painting the walls which is the first and easiest way to spruce a room up!  See you then!

♥♥♥ Lisa


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