Hi! I’m New Here! ♥♥♥



This is my first blog in the world of WordPress.  I am excited to share with you my creative interests as well as my hobbies.  I am a former professional makeup artist, and am currently working from home for my family.  Working from home has many benefits and one of them is extra time to do things I enjoy! 

   I love to dabble in all things girly! To name a few: I love Makeup, All Things Nutrition, Health, Fitness, Beauty, MusicDIY stuff and Fashion!  That’s not all!  I love to travel and cook.  I love shopping. You know, the usual!!   I am a 29-year-old Christian girl who loves the Lord.  I have been married to my sweetie for 5 years and although we don’t have children yet, we plan on having a few in the future. 

   We just moved to a new place and I am currently trying my hand a decorating it.  I am not a natural at home design so we will see how that goes!  I love watching YouTube videos, and have learned a lot about decorating from them and have many projects planned in the near future.  

  Thanks for taking a look at my blog!  I will update frequently with whatever I am fancying at the time!  I think we are going to have fun!!

♥♥♥ Lisa


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